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Computer Repair

There’s truly plenty of things that can go wrong with a desktop computer or laptop, be it a Windows-powered one, a Chromebook or a MacBook. Starting with the charger issues and well into hardware parts replacement, we’re your guys for fixing it all! Besides, we are familiar with virtually any laptop manufacturing brand!

But in most cases the reason why most people have problems with their computer is because their operating system is not in great condition, it doesn’t matter who’s the manufacturer or what operating system you are using.

The basic solution would be is to reinstall the operating system on the computer.

Replacing hardware parts or reinstalling operating system is how oftentimes a serious computer or a laptop glitch gets fixed.
Ultimately, it all comes down to the overall quality of the parts a tech company has in stock and their range.
We have both, being able to find a replacement part virtually for any computer or a laptop!

Here’s a list of the parts that we replaqce most usually:

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